Shopping List

The shopping list for the Mediterranean Diet Plan consist of several types of fruits, vegetables, oils, spices, red meat, poultry and lots of fish and dairy products.

The Mediterranean Diet Plan is very healthy and popular all over the world. It is served in almost all the renowned hotels in almost every part of the globe and has been able to build a reputation of its own. The Mediterranean Diet Plan dishes are considered healthy by food experts as they don’t comprise of spices and they can conveniently be consumed at any time of the day. These types of dishes are mainly made by using olive oil. Olive oil is much better than the general oils used in other cuisines and is good for the heart.

The shopping list for the Mediterranean Diet Plan will also consist of several types of fruits like pineapple, banana, apricot, apple etc. these fruits are used to make delicious desserts and sometimes used in main course too. So while shopping to make Mediterranean dishes you just can’t forget to take your fruit basket along with you. These fruits act as natural sweeteners in the dishes and lessen the usage of sugar and other artificial sweeteners which are harmful for health as they aid in the buildup of more and more calories inside the body.

In the Mediterranean Diet Plan Shopping list eggs and sea food would find a special mention.

Myriad dishes can be prepared with sea fishes like salmon, tuna, squids etc. with varying amount of taste enhancers like cinnamon and pepper. They provide a great amount of protein required for the normal functioning of the body. This is the reason for which athletes and fitness freaks prefer Mediterranean dishes over any other cuisines. Eggs are used in combination with other vegetables to make delicious dishes which provide satisfaction to both the body and mind. The main course of these dishes often uses several types of fishes, usually fried in open ovens which are again good for the health.

Refined white bread and crust is avoided in the continental dishes and so your shopping list should comprise of whole grains and whole cereals. These whole grains are good for digestion and unlike the white breads don’t contain Trans fats. Thus these dishes are good for the heart.

Green leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, olive, broccoli, baby cucumber etc. are used in huge quantities in all the Mediterranean dishes. They are rich in vitamins, carbohydrates and roughages and all the other major minerals required for the body. This is why most doctors recommend the Mediterranean Diet Plan as it provides  a total nutrition for the body.

Fast food is totally excluded from the Mediterranean Diet Plan shopping list as it is very harmful for the heart and the body as a whole.

Milk is a very important ingredient of many dishes and is used in desserts mainly. Milk balances the diet and provides many important nutrients necessary for the body. Some dishes prepared from milk and fruits have achieved international status and are served in several important occasions.  Sometimes red wine is consumed after dinner which is very useful in digestion purposes. So now you are completely ready with your very own Mediterranean Diet Plan Shopping List.

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