Mediterranean Breakfast

Mediterranean Diet Plan meals to kick start your day

The Mediterranean Breakfast is typically very light, actually the well known Continental Breakfast is based on the traditional light Mediterranean Breakfast, the most important point to remember is to eat sufficient fat as to last until the lunch without getting hungry.

The Mediterranean Diet Plan meals aim for that satisfaction quotient.

The best way to keep a good Mediterranean breakfast going is to ad yogurt to your breakfasts. Take some plain yogurt and add some packaged berries to it. Then all you need to do is stir well and add some unsweetened granola and honey to flavor it more. You are ready with a super breakfast to add to your routine. This will neither make you feel too full and nor dizzy when the digestion process begins.

Basically the Mediterranean Diet Plan focuses towards a balanced nutrition.

The Mediterranean Diet Plan is capable of packing up kilos and also reducing them as well. The Mediterranean Diet Plan breakfast forms the key component in the dietary system. Eating breakfast within 90mins of waking up can give your body everything that the body requires.

Mediterranean Diet Plan meals are mostly packed with fruits, nuts, low-saturated fat, hence, people who have a craze towards eating such food can form it a regular part of their breakfast.

Some of the common Mediterranean Diet Plan food types that can be added to your breakfast are:


Eggs are a Key ingredient in the Mediterranean Diet Plan they provide the best kind of high quality protein and essential amino acids and a good source of choline. Eggs are widely used in all the Mediterranean countries and cultures and they are eaten not only for breakfast but are widely used in all kinds of food preparations.


It is a popular food from the Greek culture. But the one used in Greek is much different as compared to the one used in US. Greek yogurt is packed with more percentage of protein and is much thicker as compared to the US one.  Plus it does not have extra sugary content thus, packing up of calories also reduces to big amount.


Fruits are the specialty of the Mediterranean diet. There are a huge variety of fruits to choose from and people can easily get a very nutritious and healthy diet by mixing some fruits into their daily diet.


Milk is the only natural food item packed with every type of nutrient. Added in small amounts to your breakfast can keep going for the whole day.

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